Amp mods

Engl modifications

Engl's are perfect for heavy German backing sound, but sometimes so sterile for singing lead sounds. 4rockers mod gives more fat&juice to original sound. It's a pleasure to play screamin' leads after mod on these amps...

Prices for Engl modifications are approx. 80-100 Eur (w/o shipment), it depends on many factors, mainly on elaborateness.

Engl Thunder - v4 2016

New improved version of 4rockers modification of small Engl. Almost new 4rockers preamp. From clean through old school rock to punchy higain metal sound in the small box...

Engl Thunder - v3 2016

Brand new development, huge preamp modification for famous Czech rock player. The sound is much more meaty, not so tight as original Engl sound.

Engl Thunder (e325)

This little combo amp is a "poor boy" in Engl's product line, but we can start singing of this amp. It's a big change when you play sterile original sound and then you try some Gary Moore's riff on modded amp. Now depends on you: your amp is ready for classic screaming lead rock.

Bugera modifications

Behringer's tube amps Bugera are good in terms of topology due to theirs originals. The best known Bugeras are not Behringer ideas, they are clones of Peavey amps. That's why our Bugera modifications are useful for Peavey amps also. Behringer changed only some parts, so amps have slightly different sound from Peaveys, but we can move sound to another level...

Prices for Bugera modifications are approx. 80-100 Eur (w/o shipment), it depends on many factors, mainly on elaborateness.

Bugera v55

Behringer declares this amp as a "design from sixties", but it not so clear. We made some modifications of these amp for jazz and rock. Here you can hear sound of redesigned preamp in this amp. It's - of course - our development (2/2016) as usual. You can use this amp as a rock machine after 4rockers modification:

Bugera 6260/6262

This amp is (almost) clone of well known Peavey 5150 I/II, but also with typical troubles of 5150: for a lot of users they could be more fizzy and with uncontrollable overdrive. We can change it to real rock machine with perfect palm-muted backings and distinctive lead sound.

5/2016: New improved version of Peavey 6505/5150 preamp (also for copy as Bugera 6260). New sound structure, no fizz or favour, better defined gain...

Previous versions:



Bugera 333XL

Behringer's copy of Peavey XXX with a little flour in the sound. We can improve sound in many ways: for classic rock players or for drop tunings. You have to communicate style of your playing, we can mod this amp in many ways. But for really hard players could be our mod of 6260 slightly better.


Bugera Trirec

This is behringer's (almost) copy of Mesa Boogie, but with some slightly different changes. Sound is too crispy, but we can improve this amp and tune it to much better sound.