Power attenuator Silent Scream

Our power attenuator (or dummy load) 4rockers Silent Scream allows you to play, practise or record tube amps in low acoustic levels, ie. create from your tube beast neighbourhood-friendly device...

We produce 4rockers Silent Screams in stage, studio or stage/bedroom lines. There are many types of Silent Screams to perfectly fit your demands.

Silent Scream BL: basic version of power attenuator (aka "power brake") for stage. You have to use speaker cabinet.

Silent Scream LBS: Live/Bedroom/Studio version, works also as a full dummy load for recordings and with possibility of ultra low volume output in bedroom mode. This version has DI output for recordings and was created for home recording studios.

Silent Scream HS: small studio version. Allows you silent monitoring thru cabinet, but main output is planned thru DI output to DAW in the PC.

Custom build tube amps

Our custom build tube amps are built for the most experienced clients, where standard factory products cannot reach client’s demands.

These amps are not the cheapest amps, but with sound miles away from today's Chinese production.

For example here is our Matchless clone from the best parts we can buy (capacitors, transformers etc.),

Prices and dates for this custom amps depends on components and component delivery. The result will be high quality boutique amp without any compromises.

You can compare our sound to well known factory amp...

Next custom amp was built as a 4 channel C-30...