Marshall amp modifications

Marshalls are typically very good for sound modifications. There are a lot of models with some problems in topology and sound creation, like dual channel amps from eighties. A lot of newer models play good backings, but a lot of them forgot to sing while soloing. We are able to return them back to singing leads.

Pricing for amp modifications differs and depends on difficulty. Standard price for typical amp modification like JVM410 or TSL60 4rockers modification is 100Eur w/o delivery price. We need approx. two days for mod and testing.

You can hear some of our modifications here:


Marshall JVM410

Marshall's flagship is a luxury amp with a comfortable switching, digital reverb, 12 presets for preamp etc., but not as good in creating lead sound on the same level. We changed some things in preamp to tune this amp for better backings, but mainly for singing lead tones. Forget over-compressed sound where all notes are almost the same!
We prepared 5 modifications, this amp can be modified in a different ways...

Improved version 5 - April 2016: better "classic" midrange punch, other as v4...

Version 4: 10/2015! Much better sound! Better crunch/OD1, classic 4rockers singing fat lead OD2!

Older versions:



Marshall DSL 50

This is "techno amp" and sounds sometimes too fizzy and withnout classic sound of overdriven Marshall.

New version of our DSL/TSL modification is very close to our JVM410 modified sound. No more techno sound from your amp!

2015: Our preamp mods (2 new modification types for 2015) return sound to pure classic rock sound... Check the video...


Marshall TSL60

New version of our 4rockers modification (5/2016)! We are happy that our TSL is on the same sound level as our JVM and DSL amps. TSL is real classic Marshall now.

Previous version: TSL60 is not a signing tube lead amp in original state (in the way we understand this term). We change the soul of this amp to play the lead role for soloing in the band. Now it's a bliss to play garymoorish solos... 2nd modification for this TSL60 is change of parallel fx loop to switchable serial loop. This is a often request, a lot of players ask: "While my sound is so weird when I switch boost in effect loop for solo?" There are no longer problems with phase of original and fx sound after our mod!


Marshall JVM205

Small brother of the JVM410 with the same problems as JVM410. We wanted to change this and to machine for experienced musician: better responds on player's style, better lead, better backings, no over-compression. Feel your attacks&tone.

New modification of JVM205 - v6 - 3/2017:


Older version:


Marshall DSL401

Small combo with a lot of problems and hated by a lot of guitarists. But we can recreate new sound from this combo to use it for lead rock sounds, modern blues and similar styles. The mod in the video was born for musician to play something like Walkin' by myself...

(wait a minute for video... just editing...)


Marshall JCM800 2205

This 2205 model belongs to JCM800 line, but is not as good as single channel 2203. The sound of both generations of 2205 is horrible for our ears. There are only few guitarists with good sound from this amp (like John Norum with his 2x 2205 from 2nd generation of 2205), but a lot of with really horror sound of 2205. We think, that our total mod of 2205 is much better than both generations of 2205 and is on absolutely different sound level.




This is only small part of modificated amps, but you can feel the difference in the sound against original Marshalls. Ask us for more and possibility of modifications of any other amp!