Amp Repairs

Repairs & services

We provide service support for musicians. We love tube amps, but we repair a lot of other musician's gear for stage and studio.

Tube amp service:

  • tube replacement
  • rebiasing
  • tranformer upgrades
  • standard amp service
  • replacement of wrong or poor quality parts by high quality butique parts
  • replacement of footswitches
  • speaker upgrades and replacement
  • sound improvement and changes on demand (more in amp mod section)
  • fx loop changes and tuning ( parallel to serial etc.)






Some examples of repaired very old tube amps here in 4rockers service:


Mod of boutique amp of other producer:


We also repair guitar and studio effects:

  • repairs
  • tuning and upgrades (like Big Muff mods etc.)
  • true-bypass changes
  • pedalboard upgrades


Set-up of whole systems:

  • MIDI controllers and MIDI switching
  • full system configuration from scratch
  • professional cables from the best parts
  • special high quality guitar speaker cables


Studio services:

  • studio set-up from scratch or upgrades
  • MIDI communication, DAW configuration
  • building studio computers with music software and high quality audio interfaces
  • studio training for DAW and other sw, initial trainings for beginners for home studios