Peavey mods

Peavey line covers all music styles, from country and blues to higain metal amps. The typical task is mod of higain amp (like 5150), because it sounds good while playing standalone, but often is too fizzy or his overgained sound is deleted by another amp in the band. We can mod preamps to give more meat&balls to sound of these amps, change power amp settings etc.

Prices for Peavey mods are approx. 100-130 Eur (w/o shipment), it depends on many factors, mainly on elaborateness.

Peavey Valveking

Valveking is based on Classic line, it's better to mod this amp for hard&heavy... This is huge mod on both preamp and power amp, but amp is ready to rock after mods...

Peavey 5150 II

Here you can hear one short video from my job on 5150 II. This amp is copied in Bugera line 626x, just visit Bugera section on this website to hear differences from original sound. I cannot add original sound before mod due to my error, when the original sound was distorted by camera. This video was taken after preamp mod, so you can hear less fizzy sound, not so overgained.