Tube amp mods

Our amp mods change boring factory amps to singing musician friends. We always try to dig a soul from amp and we want change reaction on player's style changes. We mainly want to create fat rock sounds with warm singing leads - that's our idea to leave tube amp sing your soul and brain through your fingers, guitar and tube amp.

Of course the best for mods are amps with full tube signal paths, but ask us with your specific demands.


We modded a lot of amp from Marshall, Engl, Mesa, Bugera, Peavey, Laney etc. Every time we want to find solution somewhere on the crossroad of your idea and technical possibilities of your amp. You can hear some examples of our mods on our pages or on our YT channel.

Select from amp's mark from the top menu. We can create your specific mod for known amps or for your different amp.

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